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I have several acts; shorter juggling acts and one longer 17 min. act with juggling and handstands which is also suitable for festivals and for children. I also offer workshops and private classes for handstands and juggling. I offer also walking -acts for your events.

Don't hesitate to ask more info!

Summer day
20 minutes 

Summer's day at the beach, what could be any better? A happy going fun act which mixes handstands and juggling (clubs, balls and spinning carpets).


17 minutes

What can you find from a box which was forgotten in the attic?


How many balls are hidden in the box? Can you see the swordsman?


This act is perfect for festivals and suitable for children. Act can be tailored into a shorter version when needed.

5-7 minutes

Fever is a juggling act with swing! The act is composed to the famous song "Fever" sung by Peggy Lee.


Fever can be played as a shorter version of 3 minutes or a longer version of 6 minutes (including then also ring juggling composed to the song "Hit the road Jack"



Animation and LED


I offer also walking acts, mingling trough the audience while doing juggling tricks and/or handstands. This is a great way to keep the atmosphere up while waiting!


I do also shorter LED juggling acts with LED pois and led juggling balls. This is great for outdoors in the evening or for nightclubs!

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